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The two most common types of flat roofs are EPDM rubber membrane and torch down.

EPDM is an excellent choice that can be adhered to wood, metal, and even concrete. It’s an effective barrier more than capable of keeping water and moisture out of the home and is strong enough for even Canada’s harsh winters and sweltering summers. EPDM membrane is also easily repaired should the need eventually arise.

Torch down roofing involves using a flame-throwing device to melt roofing components to the structure. It’s done in layers and is extremely resilient. One of the best aspects of torch down roofing is that as long as the roof stays flat, additional layers can be added as needed.

No matter which type of flat roofs you’re looking for, an experienced, certified, and fully insured roofing contractor is an invaluable asset. Contact the best in the business to learn more about each type of flat roof and the benefits each can provide to homeowners around the GTA.
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There are a few different types of flat roofs available in the GTA. Among the more popular options are EPDM and torch down roofing. While each has its own set of benefits, the installation of neither should be undertaken by anyone other than a certified and insured roofer.

Find the Best

With so many roofers out there these days, selecting the best can be a little tricky. Check out some websites such as HomeStars to read customer-generated reviews of your top choices. You’ll be awarded with invaluable information and insight into the quality of work you can expect from specific roofers. It can also be advantageous to see if your roofer is accredited with the Better Business Bureau for a little extra peace of mind.


The only reason that businesses exist is to generate profit. While most companies try to maximize their margins by cutting corners and using inferior building materials, the finest in the industry build their business through exceptional quality work and the word-of-mouth advertising that comes from truly satisfied customers.
No matter which type of flat roofing is required, be sure to hire only the most respectable roofers in the industry. The quality of materials and craftsmanship provided through the right experienced and professional roofers in the business will help to ensure that the job gets done the right way. 


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